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U.S. government defines natural as “ingredients extracted directly from plants or animal products as opposed to being produced synthetically”. When we state that all ingredients of our product are natural we make sure that they match the following conditions:

  • produced by nature;
  • extracted directly from natural raw material using simple methods, simple chemical reactions or through biological processes.

According to our understanding natural ingredients are:

  • grown and raised in an ecological manner;
  • processed in an ecological manner;
  • not manufactured through synthetic processes;
  • not the result of genetic modification and engineering.

We do NOT treat label 100% Natural as part of modern fashion. There are so many stores that add natural products having only one target -
get more orders and satisfy more customers representing different life philosophy and social groups.

We DO believe that one day it will be difficult to find artificial health products and cosmetics. Natural products are NOT an alternative; they should be the main market segment. Natural products will heal the economic misbalance in the world, since most raw materials are grown in poor countries, which are poor due to unfair distribution of profits in the world. Increased demand for natural raw materials will lead to renaissance of private farming that in its turn will push the redistribution of profits. 99% should not live according to the rules set up by 1%.

Later we'll make a catalog of all ingredients used in our products. We'll describe advantages and benefits of every ingredient.

Remember awareness leads to freedom!